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Yard Shadow Silhouettes
If you spend any time in America, you will notice yard shadows.  Usually painted black, these life size figures adorn barns, garages, houses and backyards all across the nation.

These projects are very easy to do, so they're great for beginners and experts alike who enjoy making things out of wood.  All you need is a simple hand-held jig saw and some patience.  With our full size patterns, all you have to do is trace the pattern onto the wood, cut, sand lightly, paint, and set them up!

Click on any pattern for a larger view, more information, and an opportunity to buy.  A free catalog of our other plans, including many yard decorations, is included with any order.

mule boy donkey riding rides
merchant schooner ship sailboat sail hunter with gun dog hound
horse head bust
cowgirl cow girl
pointer german short hair dog
pig piglet
boxer dog
kitties kittens cat rabbit
screech owls owl hoot
bear black family baby cub
golf golfer swinging
antique old fashioned gas pump slim cowboy cow boy leaning man
cocker spaniel dog
large giant stallion horse full size
german shepherd shepard dog doberman great dane dog
collie dog
duck mallard chic baby flying
railway conductor railroad train
girl boy running playing children
chickens rooster chics farm
gentleman man yard shadow fat
boy fishing pole
chiuaua dachsund weiner scottie terrier
turkey thanksgiving
husky akita dog yard shadow
foal horse yard shadow
beaver yard shadow
bird geese woodpecker duck yard shadow
billy goat yard shadow

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