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220+ Scroll Saw Patterns on Wooden USB

  • $ 59.95

We've loaded over 220 individual project patterns onto this attractive, unique wooden USB drive!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  You WILL find the value in this product.

I've been snookered myself by offers of "tons of project patterns" for a super low cost.  The patterns are always of low quality and it never seems worth it in the end. is different -- this is a treasure trove of high-quality project patterns!

ALL of the Value & Gift Packs listed below are included on our wooden USB drive -- you can click on the links to view all of the projects -- they are ALL pre-loaded onto the pictured wooden USB drive.  Shipping is included in the cost of the package, so there are no surprise charges at checkout.

28 Birdhouses & Feeders Pack
45 Basket Projects Pack
26 Project Super Variety Pack
24 Plaques & Signage Pack
Scrolled Lamps Gift Pack
Wooden Toys Value Pack
Christmas Tree Ornament Value Pack
Music Boxes Gift Pack
18 Intarsia Projects Pack
Heirloom Toys Value Pack
Advanced Clocks Value Pack
Detailed Desk Autos Projects

Click around our online catalog before you decide to buy.  The projects you see on our website are indicative of what you'll find on the USB drive:  High-quality projects complete with full size patterns that will help you build beautiful, heirloom-quality projects.

Scroll down to view pictures or click around on the linked Value Packs of patterns above to see in detail which patterns are included on the USB drive.

Take advantage of this fantastic offer -- you will not be disappointed.

Take a look at one of our free sample patterns and you'll get an idea of the quality of our patterns.  Each pattern on this unique USB drive is top-notch.

The retail value of these patterns if purchased individually is in the hundreds of dollars and there are enough projects to keep you busy all year long and probably a lot longer.  Here are individual links to the Value & Gift Packs we've packed onto into this offer (which can be purchased separately) -- check them out and you'll quickly see the value that we're offering.

When you first put the USB into your computer, you'll see two folders:  "PatternsFolder" and "Read_First".  Click on the "PatternsFolder" and you'll see easily identified folders which neatly categorize your patterns for browsing.  Once inside those folders, you'll see easily identified pattern names as PDFs -- just click a PDF name to view and print!

Purchase your USB drive FULL of patterns with the "Add to Cart" button above!

(You can purchase our wooden 4 gig USB drive by itself.  To give you an idea how much data this 4 gig drive can hold, with all of these great patterns loaded on the USB drive, there is an additional 3.5 gigs of storage space leftover for your own files.)

If you'd like a sample pattern, you can find one here.
(...we also give away a pattern monthly via our FREE Patterns Email Club.)

NOTE:  Please remember, all patterns are Copyrighted and redistribution (for free or for sale) is strictly prohibited and enforced under intellectual property rights law.  The use of these patterns is limited to the end buyer and the end buyer only.  Not only is it the law, it's the right thing to do.

Thanks for supporting American small business -- we truly hope the scrolling community will enjoy and appreciate this great value!


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