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Product Image Clockmaster Scrollsaw Project Patterns Collection

Clockmaster Scrollsaw Project Patterns Collection

$ 39.95

We've put together a hardcopy, spiral bound book (which can be easily and safely disassembled for copying patterns) containing five of our most cherished clock project patterns.  The book looks great in your library, but more importantly, the patterns are time-tested, easy to use, and will have you making heirloom quality scrollsawn clocks which will become part of your woodworking legacy.

You get full size patterns for the following projects in this book:

The Bell Tower Clock
The Victorian Queen Clock
America's Pride Clock
The Bavarian Mantle Clock
& The Floral Cathedral Clock  (not available for online purchase!)

In addition to full size patterns, there is a preface containing great tips we've collected over the years regarding sanding, blade selection, using patterns, stack cutting and more.  There is also a list of materials for each project, exploded diagrams for assembly, and instructions and shop notes where appropriate.

The hardware required for these projects are standard 3-1/2" clock inserts, widely available in many options, usually battery powered, with or without chime.  We no longer carry this hardware, but there are two sources provided in the book.

The book is a full 98 pages of FULL SIZE patterns.  Comparable paper patterns shipped to your door would easily cost $60.  We will send you our nicely bound book, with FREE SHIPPING, for $39.95 (shipping fee applies to Canada or Australia).

The Clockmaster Project Book is almost half what you would pay elsewhere -- and you still get the value of these time-tested project patterns.