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Product Image Downloadable Victorian Lighthouse Plan - scroll saw patterns and projects

Victorian Lighthouse Plan

$ 5.95

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The 23 page set of blueprints we'll send you will help you create a yard masterpiece.  Finished, the Victorian-themed Lighthouse stands shy of 4 feet tall at 41" -- just the right size for the yard, garden, or flowerbed.  Use our painting scheme, or develop your own to match property décor.

A table saw will be needed for a few pieces of the project, but your scroll saw will also be an integral part of what really makes the Lighthouse "pop".  Full size patterns are provided for all parts, as well as a complete materials list, shop notes, and general project instructions.

A list of materials needed are provided, along with the rough cut size for each piece, plus full size patterns, printable from any desktop printer.  Shop notes and exploded construction diagram aid completion.

Download is made available immediately upon purchase.

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