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Military Honor Scroll Saw Project Patterns Book

  • $ 29.95

There are 22 full size project patterns in this unique book.

We've taken the extra expense to print the entire book one-sided -- that is, each pattern page is on its own separate sheet of paper, nothing printed on the other side.  In this way, the book can be disassembled and there is no need for making copies.

Purchased separately, even as downloadable PDFs which you would print yourself at home, the scroll saw plans in this book would cost $56, but purchased individually as paper patterns the collection would cost in excess of $100.

We design and publish our own small run books here at in Ohio, using a local printer, so not only are you getting a great collection of patterns, you're helping to support American small businesses in a small town.  Thank you.

There are pictures here of all the project included, but we'll list them by name as well:  3D Military Chopper Wall Box, 3D Military Jet Wall Box, Air National Guard Plaque, 4 Branches Military Desk Sets, Army Plaque, Dragon Sword Honor Plaque, F14 Jet, F15 Jet, F18 Jet, Huey Helicopter, M1 Abrams Tank, M110 Moblie Gun, Military Vehicles Toy Set, Navy Plaque, and 2 Toy Helicpoter Set.

Only available as a hard copy, mailed book.

Dragon Sword Honor Plaque and Navy Plaque pictured below...

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