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Shelfmaster Patterns Book for Scrolling & Woodworking

  • $ 29.95

Another of our small run books, we've packed 24 separate shelf projects into this collection, all complete with full size patterns, a rough-cut materials list, exploded diagram for construction clarity, step by step instructions, and general tips on blade selection, etc.

You get patterns for all projects pictured here.  Many have scrolling options you can change to make an entirely new looking project.  Learn how shelving goes together in several different styles.  Many of the patterns and pieces in this collection can be used in projects you conceive on your own once you become familiar with construction.

This 87 page book is printed one side.  That means you could disassemble the book and use the patterns without copying them.  The book also folds and lays flat for easy copying if you want to keep the book intact.  This is a small run, locally made book.

These are curio shelves.  Most are 17" to 10" wide as built, but the width and other 90 degree angled work pieces can be easily enlarged or reduced with no changes to the side supports, so it is quite easy to manipulate these patterns into what you need.

The Angel Curio shelf (pictured first), for example, is 16" wide as pictured, as is the Deer in Nature shelf.  There are floral motifs, country motifs, Victorian scrolling, hummingbirds, even a window cornice which is easily adjustable.

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