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Product Image Advanced Heirloom Clock Patterns Collection

Advanced Heirloom Clock Patterns Collection

$ 9.95

Note:  This pattern pack is included in our USB Super Value Pack.

Three of our most popular clock patterns  -- a great deal at $9.95 for all three -- and there is NO SHIPPING FEE on our downloadable, full-size patterns.

Have you seen such a masterpiece as the Bell Tower Clock?  It will put a feather in your scrolling cap unlike any other.  Check out this photo sent by customer Gary Leriger -- can you do it as well?  Great job again, Gary!  ...and thanks for sharing.

Choose this set of full size project patterns and we'll email you a download link immediately after purchase.  You'll get access to a PDF with each of these 3 individual projects (which you can view individually by clicking the links below):

The Deer Silhouette Clock
The Bell Tower Clock
The America's Pride Clock

Click the links above to inspect each project individually, as well as see how much you'd pay for these projects individually.

If you'd like to see the quality of our patterns before you invest, click here for a free sample pattern.

1.  You get immediate access to the patterns -- start scrolling TODAY.

2.  You'll have the patterns on your computer to print and reprint for years.

If you'd like to have the full size patterns for these 3 projects please "Add to Cart", proceed with the order, and when you're finished a link will show up in your email "Inbox" -- just click, save, print and scroll.  It's easy.  You get patterns for all three projects pictured in this collection.