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Wooden Toys Value Pack on Wooden USB

  • $ 19.95

Note:  This pattern pack is included in our USB Super Value Pack.

Three 8" x 10" classic Animal Puzzles  |  Five 4" to 8" Fendered Toy Cars  |  One 63" long Train with seven cars  |  One 22" Hand-Crank Ferris Wheel  |  Three 16" long Army Vehicles  |  One 22" long Doll Cradle for the bandsaw  |  One 9" tall Baseball Themed Desk Lamp  |  One 12" long Animated Dinosaur Pull Toy  |  One 16" wide Noah's Ark Playset with compliment of 12 animals  |  One Horse (16") & Carriage (20") Playset  |  One Table (16" wide) & Chairs (13" tall) Playset  |  One 10" tall Doll High Chair Playset

There are a few smaller projects such as the toy cars and animal puzzles in this Value Pack, but we've tried to focus on including some of the larger, more complex toy projects.  Evenly weighted in terms of boy VS. girl toys, you'll be able to build some heirloom quality doll and play furniture for the girls, plus a few complex, unique toys for the boys -- and a few are included for either.

Click the pictures above to enlarge and inspect the finished products our patterns will help you build.  If you don't have a branding iron yet to "sign" your work, we highly recommend getting one...especially for projects like these that are likely to be handed down.  Unlike the Chinese junk in stores these days, hand-made wooden toys of this type are high-quality and unique.

U.S. residents can expect delivery in 3-7 days.  Our shipping is always just $1.95 for U.S. orders under $39.oo -- S&H for orders over $39.oo is FREE!

Each pattern set is nicely labeled so you can go directly to the patterns you're interested in.  Keep these patterns on the media or on your computer for printing, scrolling, and RE-scrolling for the rest of your life.  No lost pattern pages.  Always accessible.  Expect to spend tons of hours in the shop making these fantastic toys.

If you NEED to build some toys NOW, check out our Downloadable Classic Toys Value Pack.

28 Birdhouses & Feeders Pack
45 Basket Projects Pack
26 Project Super Variety Pack
24 Plaques & Signage Pack
Scrolled Lamps Gift Pack
Wooden Toys Value Pack
Christmas Tree Ornament Value Pack
Music Boxes Gift Pack
18 Intarsia Projects Pack
Heirloom Toys Value Pack
Advanced Clocks Value Pack
Detailed Desk Autos Projects

ALL of the Value & Gift Packs listed above are included, pre-loaded onto the pictured wooden USB drive.  Shipping is included in the cost of the package, so no surprise at checkout.  We hope you'll take advantage of this fantastic offer -- you will not be disappointed.

NOTE:  Please remember, all patterns are Copyrighted and distribution (for free or for sale) is strictly prohibited and enforced under intellectual property rights law.  The use of these patterns is limited to the end buyer and the end buyer only.  Not only is it the law, it's the right thing to do.

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