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TEN Advanced Executive Auto Project Patterns Book

  • $ 29.95

98 page spiral bound projects book.

Our spiral bound book allows it to lay flat for ease of studying, copying or scanning the patterns for use, while keeping the book fully intact.

There are 10 projects in all, each with full size patterns.  Every project comes with a materials list and an exploded diagram to aid assembly.

The first few pages cover general scrolling information, tips and techniques which will aid the beginner and instill more confidence -- blade selection, stack cutting, wood selection and pattern use are a few topics covered.

The finished results really pop.  Perfect for the executive office or den.

Even as downloads you'd pay $50 for similar plans.  It's a better buy AND you have the added benefit of a nicely bound, durable book to add to your library -- the perfect option for those of us who still love a good book.

We've also included a bit of historical information about each classic auto, as well as a large, full color photo of the finished project.

You can view or purchase each project individually here.

These are the auto projects that are included in this book of patterns:

1909 Packard
1910 Model T
1911 Buick "Bug"
1912 Model T Delivery Van
1912 Packard Coupe
1924 Chevy Delivery Van
1926 Chevy 1-Ton Pickup
1926 Model T Roadster Pickup
Model AA Stake Bed
1931 Mercedes Benz Model 770 Series

Each one of these projects looks fantastic and is an interesting build.

This Collection is only available as a hard copy, mailed book.


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